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Promax Electric Ltd. provides residential electrical, commercial electrical and electrical service work throughout Lethbridge and Southern Alberta. With a team that has the experience, not to mention a true aspiration, rely on us to get the job done.

All of our electrical work is over seen by our Master Electrician right her in Lethbridge!

Unlike Journeyman Electricians, Master Electricians are held to a code of ethics. Their ongoing licensing ensures that your project is in the best hands possible. Our master electrician approves all electrical installation and service work to ensure that your home, office project is carefully planned and executed to meet the safety standards of the trade. Coupled with a great team ready to serve, your project will come to life with the least amount of complications so you can get on with your life.

Residential Electrical

Residential renovations can become overwhelming and Promax Electric Ltd. is here to help. As a matter of fact, our master electrician can offer advice on how to save money and energy without compromising the integrity of your project. Furthermore, he can offer practical solutions to other construction concerns through experience based referrals. Additionally, our team holds customer service in high regard, letting you continue your busy life without being concerned with the renovation process. Read more about our residential electrical services here.

Knob & Tube Wiring

Find out how to identify knob and tube wiring and what you can do to ensure safety among your family or employees. If you suspect you have unsafe wiring, then contact us and we’ll send our Master Electrician to confirm if it requires disconnection or if it is dead in your walls. Read more about knob and tube wiring here.

Electrical Installation

Ceiling fans, dimmers as well as USB receptacles are just a few of the electrical installations that can make your home more comfortable. Contact us to book your installation or get a quote today!

Electrical Inspections

Do you need an electrical inspection? Sometimes these are required by insurance companies or home buyers to make sure your home is safe. Furthermore, they can provide you with buying, and equally important selling power during real estate transactions. Find out how this important document can save you time and money!

Electrical Service Panel Upgrades or New Service

Do you have enough power? Perhaps you’re find yourself running to the breaker box to flip that switch that keeps tripping, or perhaps you want more power in your garage for that new car charger. In both these cases you may need an electrical service panel upgrade. Find out more about your electrical service panel, where it is and what it does here.

Security Cameras Systems

Lethbridge is continuously growing, and in spite of this bringing a lot of good to our community, it can also bring illegal activities to our neighborhoods. For this reason, we advise that you keep an eye on your property by installing a camera system. In addition to surveillance, you can actually deter criminal activity just by showing them that your watching. We install practical systems that are easy to use and not to mention accessible from your phone anywhere, anytime. Contact us for a free electrical quote today!

Electrical Design

Lighting is everything! Why pay for high end finishes or art pieces without showcasing them properly. Find out how to create the space of your dreams, not to mention becoming the envy of your friends, by adding depth and ambience with your lighting. Our team is dedicated to bring your vision to life. On the contrary, make you fall in love with your space by designing a sophisticated lighting layout for your space. Our on-staff graphic designer and licensed master electrician will provide you with blueprints and illustrations so you can make adjustments prior to installation. Whether you want to tackle the design yourself or let Promax Electric Ltd. help, take a look at our design tips page. Also, be sure to reference the City of Lethbridge development bylaws to make sure your dream can become a reality.

Electrical Service Work

Faulty switches, buzzing dimmers and flickering lights are some of the common electrical problems we encounter on a daily basis. Not only do we only send our most experienced electricians to your home, but we also pride ourselves on efficiency to be sure you can get on with your day. Contact us today to get rid of that pesky electrical problem particularly ones that can be unsafe.

Commercial Electrical Installation

Your companies safety and appearance is second to none when you choose Promax Electric Ltd. Coupled with years of experience and integrity based workmanship, our team is ready for any commercial electrical build, renovation or service that you need. Contact us today for your commercial electrical quote.

Fire Alarm Verification

When your place of business is ready for it’s annual fire alarm verification, contact Promax Electric Ltd. We have dedicated a substantial percentage of our time installing complex systems and are ready to install yours. Schedule your verification today.

Custom Power Controls

If you can imagine it, we can help bring your project to life! Promax Electric Ltd. specializes in building custom control panels. For any job whether it be a small hobby or a sophisticated one of a kind control, let us help.

Electrical Services Lethbridge

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