Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

What you need to know before purchasing a home charging station for your electric vehicle

Whichever Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVSE) you choose it is essential to prepare for the additional electrical costs in Lethbridge. We can help you plan and install your charging station to fit your specific needs.

EVSE actually stands for: Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment but more commonly called an Electric Vehicle Charging Station. There are three charging options to consider before purchasing your EVSE. Level 1, 2 and 3. The first uses AC current and relies on your vehicle to convert it to DC. This is the flow of electricity you need to charge your battery. Now the second also uses AC current but converts it to DC within the unit bypassing your vehicles converter. And the third uses straight DC power. This leads to significantly faster charging times by skipping the AC to DC conversion.

EVSE Level 1 – 24 hour charging time

A level 1 electric vehicle charging station is the most basic option. It is generally used as an emergency measure only. This charger usually comes with your electric vehicle and can be plugged into a standard 120 volt outlet (receptacle). This device will take over 24 hours to charge your EV. Keep in mind, you won’t be able to run other appliances on the same circuit which often include multiple outlets. If you use any other appliances, you may trip the breaker and wind up with an uncharged car after waiting a long 24 hours.

Promax Electric will help you identify all the outlets on your circuit so you know which ones not to use! Contact us here.

EVSE Level 2 – 4 to 5 hour charging time

Also known as slow charging, level 2 electric vehicle charging station is the best solution. It will maintain your EV battery health and keep you running on a schedule. The words slow charging may scare you but it’s only named that to differentiate it from the fast charging stations that you see around town. This station requires a 240 volt circuit dedicated to its purpose which you may already have in your home. Some garages already have this type out outlet which can be rerouted to the location you desire. If you do not have a 240V outlet we can help you install one. We will first check your electrical service panel to ensure you have the requirements to handle an additional 30 to 50 amp breaker. If this is not the case ,we can provide you with a quote to upgrade your service.

There are two types of level 2 charging options to consider, hardwired or portable. A hardwired option is as it sound, directly wired into your 240 volt circuit which is ideal if your station is located outside because it can’t be stolen. A portable charger is also exactly as it sounds and is plugged into your 240 volt outlet.

If you have multiple locations you require a charging station, like a cabin, second home or friends house, this may be the option for you. Be sure it is plugged in at a secure location to make sure it is not stolen!

Promax Electric will inspect your panel to ensure it can handle the added electrical load and install your new charging station to ensure optimal performance!Contact us here.

EVSE Level 3 – Under 1 Hour charging time

Also known as a DC Fast Charging Station, this option can be quite expensive to install and maintain. We can help you identify and plan for an electrical service upgrade. This would handle the extra electrical load you would need to quickly charge your EV at home. This electric vehicle charging station would allow you to charge your vehicle in under an hour. But, this would significantly raise your monthly electricity bill. While there is conflicting evidence that DC charging or fast charging is actually bad for your EV battery the cost of installation and maintenance could help you make this decision on your own.

Promax Electric will upgrade your electrical service panel and install your new charging station to provide your fastest charging solution! Contact us here.

Whichever charging solution you choose, we can help you plan for a smooth installation. Our master electrician will oversee every EVSE installation. As well as obtain an electrical inspection to make sure your charging station runs smoothly and efficiently as possible.


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