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  • Electrical troubleshooting for flickering lights, sparks or no power
  • Lighting installation and repairs
  • Dimmers and motion sensors
  • Aluminum and Knob & Tube wire inspections
  • Surge and GFCI protection
  • Carbon monoxide and smoke detector


Promax Electric Ltd thrives on giving you everything you want in an electrical company and more! We are service based and want every customer to be feel safe and understood during any residential electrical installation or renovation including the smallest of jobs. The following are just a few of the residential electrical  services we  offer to you with a smile:


Residential Electrical BEFORE Buying a Character Home 

Let’s face it, when hunting for a century home, most of us get caught up in the beautiful architecture and the mature treelined streets. We envision our friends and family coming over for dinner party, staging the set in our minds and before we know it, we put in an offer. But what if I told you that getting an electrical inspection before purchasing can dramatically affect the selling price?

For example, if you find the house is filled with knob and tube wiring, the cost of the inspection would pale in comparison to the cost of removing the knob and tube and reinstalling new wiring all together. Or, what if shoddy DIY work is found in the attic? Sometimes these weekend warriors go to great lengths to fool the home inspector, like the time one of our electricians found that every connection appeared to have “up to date” wiring, but with further inspection found that 12” into the wall every device was dangerously connected to the old knob and tube wiring system.

There are many stories like this, but the good news is that, finding this information out prior to you making an offer can give you the chance to recoup some, if not all, of the cost to bring your home up to the required electrical code. Our residential electricians are highly skilled and work with you to find solutions to the problems that can exist in a beautiful century home.

Is a Residential Home Inspection the same as a Residential Electrical Inspection?

No, it is not the same as a residential electrical inspection. A home inspector has a lot of ground to cover and reports on the general safety of the home. They will however, know if there are potential electrical hazards and recommend hiring a residential electrician to fix the issues prior to going ahead with any realtors contract. Its important to know that an electrical contractor will go in depth, during their inspection, to ensure the function and safety of your electrical system is in tact. They then can offer an estimate or quote on the cost to repair the hazards and give you buying power before purchasing your new residential home.

What can I do for the electrical safety of my family?

When you purchase an older home we recommend changing out devices like; receptacles (sometimes referred to as outlets or plugs) switches and light fixtures because old wire can become frail or connections can become loose or corroded. Or, get us to inspect them and advise on which ones require replacement. Promax Electric Ltd has a great deal of residential electrical experience therefore is proud to serve you with confidence.

My Home is New, I don’t need to check for old issues!

Your absolutely right. If you are the first owner of a brand new house, you can rest assure that your home has had an electrical inspection. This is standard, and thankfully part of Alberta’s Safety Codes Act. But, if your home is “newer” and has had a few owners or has been a rental property, make sure to hire our master electrician to find out if any of the previous owners made updates incorrectly. Most of the time, these inspections are fairly quick, giving you a low cost for a high sense of security.

Promax Electric Ltd. will always have a master electrician perform electrical inspections, so you know you are being taken care of by someone of the highest industry standard available.


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